We manufacture Permanently Lubricated HDPE Telecom Ducts for use as underground Optical Fibre
cable conduits :-
GENERIC REQUIREMENTS- NO. G/CDS-08/02. Nov.2004 amendments.

HDPE PLB Telecom Ducts

PLB HDPE TELECOM DUCTS are used as underground cable conduits for optical fibre cables ,suitable for cable installation by blowing technique or pulling by rope.

PLB HDPE DUCT consists of 2 concentric layers , the outer layer being HDPE , co extruded with an inner layer of solid silicone permanent lubricant to reduce the internal coefficient of fraction (ICF) .
Alternatively the duct can be of a homogeneous construction without a separate inner layer .
The ducts are also manufactured in homogeneous construction with inside containing smooth lubricants for easy and convenient pulling of cables .
UV stablished HDPE resin used for the outer layer of plb hdpe duct shall conform to any designation of IS-7328 or any equivalent standard meeting the requirements when tested as per IS-2530 .DENSITY :
0.940 – 0.958 g/cc @ 27 deg cent
MELT FLOW RATE (MFR) :- 0.2 to 1.1 g/10min @ 190 deg cent and 5 kg load .INNER LAYER :
The inner lubricant material shall be of friction reducing , polymeric material . The coextruded inner layer of solid permanent lubricant shall be integral part with HDPE and white in colour, clearly visible in cross section of duct .
40mm/33mm 32mm/26mm
Outside dia 40mm+0.4mm 32mm+0.3mm
wall thickness 3.5mm(+-0.2mm) 3.0mm(+-0.2mm)
standard length 1000(+-100m) 1000+-100m
Note: Duct coils are also available in various lengths from 100-2000m in single coil as per the customer requirement .COLOURS :
The ducts are available in various colours as per the customer requirement for immediate identification and suitability .TESTS :
Various tests are conducted in routine on telecom ducts as under :
  • Visual inspection on outer and inner surface
  • Dimensions – Diameter and thickness
  • Tensile strength and elongation
  • Reversion test
  • Environmental stress crack resistance
  • Impact strength
  • Crush resistance
  • Mandrel test
  • Quality test
  • Coil test
  • Oxidation induction test
  • Hydraulic characteristics
  • Internal coefficient of friction
The ducts are prominently marked with indelible ink at intervals of every meter to enable identification of the pipe like manufacturers name,size of the duct,serial number,date of manufacturer,sequential length marking at every meter ,buyers identification and logo etc. PLB HDPE DUCT ACCESSORIES :
The following accessories are available for jointing the ducts :
  • Plastic coupler
  • End plug
  • Cable sealing plug
  • End cap
  • Duct cutter
  • C-Spanner
  • Replacement blade
  • Blowing equipment
  • Nylon and PP rope
Our ducts are duly certified in quality by BSNL QA BANGALORE and we are holding the type approval certifictae for manufacturing the above ducts . REGULAR INSPECTION :
The ducts are regularly inspected by BSNL QA staff to carry out above required all tests for the quality of the ducts.The ducts are despatched after approval from the certifying agency for the quality.