Applications of Sunbond Aluminium Composite Panels

  • Ideal for interiors &exteriors.

  • New constructions and renovations.

  • Unlimited applications in commercial, Industrial and entertainment industries.

  • Building Facade,  Display units, Sign boards, Column Covers, Beam and Pillar Covers, Room Dividers, Ceilings&more...

  • Replaces traditional/wooden laminates for Cabinets, Doors and Partitions.

  • Airports, Exhibition Halls, Hotels, Healthcare Facilities, Multiplexes, Petrol Pumps, Shopping Malls, Banks,
    Showrooms, Institutions, Auto Dealers, Railway/Metro Stations &more...


Technology of Sunbond Aluminium Composite Panel

Testing Equipments

Testing Equipments of Sunbond Aluminium Composite Panel