Advantages of SUNBONDTM  Compared to Other Panels

TM  Aluminium Composite Panel makes a perfect substitute for conventional building materials such as marble, granite, tiles, concrete and wood etc.

Sunbond Aluminium Composite Panel




PVDF Coating

Superior Quality PVDF used in Two & Three Layer coatings in min. 25-32 microns.

Ordinary, Non-standard PVDF coated in 15-20 microns, not suitable in European climate.

PE-Core & Adhesive

PE Core and Adhesive Film is 100% virgin quality,thereby ensures strong bonding and insulation properties in the panel.

PE Core and Adhesive Film is substandard & recyc-led, dangers the bonding & insulation properties of panel.


Three roller advanced technology provides excellent flatness.

Bending occurs on surface & extra machining required.


Manufactured in India, easily available

Imported from different sources, thus the lead time for delivery is always uncertain.

Colour, Ranges &
Shade Variation

Available in 36 standard RAL COLOURS to meet all colour combination requirements. No any shade variation.

Only limited few colours are available. Imported from different sources, hence shade variation is bound to occur


Can be ordered in any cut-to-size, thus eliminating  wastage and reducing the cost of projects.

Only available in standard sizes, causing lot of wastage and increase in project cost heavily.


Available in 1220, 1500, 1550, 1575 & 1600mm width.

Available only in one width of 1220mm.


Available in any length upto 6000mm or more.

Available upto maximum 3800mm.


Available in all thickness of 1,2,3,4,5, & 6mmfor multiple and convenient applications.

Available only in limited thickness.

PU Coating

Bottom Aluminium surface is polyester coated, hence ensures the durability and stability.

No polyester coating on bottom surface.

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