Sturdy Brand PVC PipesRigid or U-PVC Pipes are manufactured from PVC Resin – Suspension Grade, K-Value 65-67 a bulk polymer suitable for pressure pipes.

Rigid PVC Pipes

  • Light Weight
  • Anti-Corrosive
  • Smooth Surface
  • Easy and Quick Installation
  • Minimum Maintenance & Economical
Rigid PVC Pipes
Wall Thickness for Working Pressures

  • Drinking Water Supply
  • Irrigation/Agriculture
  • Sprinkler& Drip Irrigation System
  • Industrial Effluents
  • Telephone Cable Ducting
  • Sewerage & Draining System
Rigid PVC Pipes
PVC Pipes are manufactured as per IS:4985-2000 from 20mm to 315mm Outside Diameter in all Classes/Pressure Ratings duly ISI Marked. PVC Pipes are permanently jointed instantly with Solvent Cement.
PVC Well Casing & Screens are used in Tube well and Hand Pumps. The advantages of PVC are light weight, low cost, easy and quick installation compared to steel casing & screens. Ideal for saline and aggressive soils. Continuous ribs increase permeability by keeping the gravel pack away from the slot opening. Screens and plain casings are provided with Standard Threaded Joints which facilitate quick assembly with similar pipes or other conventional pipes. Because of low weight of PVC pipes, it reduces the tension load on joints and ease of installation reduces overall cost.UPVC screen & casing pripes for BORE/TUBE will are manufactured as per IS:12818/92.
Rigid PVC Pipes