Aluminium Wire Rods

Our Company Sturdy Industries Ltd. has installed state- of-the-art( properzi) continuous casting and rolling mill at Baddi,( H.P.) with capacity to produce 15,000 MT wire rods annually of 9.5 mm dia (EC grade/alloy rods) to cater to the needs of conductor (AAAC, AAC, and ACSR) and cable industry.

We manufacture aluminum wire rod EC Grade 1370 9.5mm , 12mm diameters.


Packing are Export standard packing (In coil, coil weight range 2.0tons - 2.50 tons)

Size: Φ9.5mm、Φ12mm

Chemical elements:
Al99.7%min, Fe 0.05~0.18%,Si 0.03~0.09%, Cu 0.005%

Physics Specification:
Conductivity: 61.55%IACS min; Tensile st.
95~110Mpa;110~120Mpa;110~130Mpa; Elongation 8~15;Electric Resistivity
At 20 Degrees C µΩcm Max 2.081.

Export Packing We are exporting to Korea, Japan, Canada,
USA, France, Singapore, Europe, Africa etc more than ten countries and areas,
we have obtained the certificate of is very fast .


For Continuous Casting & Rolling of EC Grade Aluminium/Aluminium Alloy Rods. Melting & Holding furnaces and Casting & Rolling Mill. Degassing System fitted with induction heating system for on line solution treatment to manufacture Aluminum Alloy Rods. Ageing Furnaces for Aluminum Alloy Conductors


Conductivity: 61.55% IACS min;Tensile st.95~110Mpa,110~120Mpa,120~130Mpa;
Elongation: 8~15;Electric Resistivity At 20 Degrees C; µOcm Max 2.081.
Chemical Composition Spectral Results: Al. 99.71%, Fe 0.23, Si 0.045,
Cu 0.002, Zn 0.006, Mn 0.001, Mg 0.001, Cr 0.001, B 0.005


Electrical Conductor (EC) wire rods are used for the production of cables and ACSR and AAC conductors.
Alloy wire rods are used to produce AAAC .


Our Wire Rod quality exceeds ASTM, DIN, BS, JS and other internationally accepted quality standards.
The company has fully equipped testing laboratory and engineers to test mechanical and electrical properties of wire rods and deliver world class product.
Testing equipment include spectrometers, tensile testing machines, along with complete range of necessary equipments .

We have set up modern & latest spectrometer for of elemental analysis of EC & Alloy Wire Rods. Raw material to finished products are tested on spectrometer so that high quality products is delivered to customer without any impurities.
Certificate of breaking load, elongation, conductivity and elemental analysis report is supplied with each lot. We process only high quality aluminium ingots procured from primary producers with purity more than 99.70% to manufacture aluminium EC & aluminium Alloy wire rods.


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